Scrutiny of members demanded before Arts Council election

December 27, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Senior members of ‘Fanon-e-Latifa Action Committee’ of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on Friday said upcoming election of Arts Council is the war between what they called ‘two capitalists’ to occupy the institution that was established for promotion of artists and art in the country.

These views expressed by Fanon-e-Latifa group members Vakeel Farooqi, Mansoor Zuberi and Arif Shafeeq during a press conference held at Karachi Press Club here.

Vakeel Farooqi alleged that the Arts Council was occupied by the capitalists. He said there is no audit of funds in the institution. He said forthcoming election of arts council is the fight between two capitalists who have nothing to do with the art and artists.

He said the real artists are not giving membership in the Arts Council, in which the number of non-artists is more than real artists.

Mansoor Zuberi said the election of arts council should not be held before the scrutiny of its members and other affairs. He said there is no space left for artists in arts council Karachi.

Arif Shafeeq said many artists have been deprived of the membership of arts council while administration only giving the membership to rich people. He said all the power of arts council has been handed over to capitalists, while the genuine artists have no powers to do something for their own community.