SEPCO disconnects power supply to CMCH Larkana

June 14, 2013 Off By Web Desk

RATODERO: SEPCO Chandka Sub-Division has disconnected electricity of the administration block of Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH) Larkana for non-payment of doctor’s colony bill which has touched Rs 40,502,829.

The Medical Superintendent CMCH in a letter to the Superintending Engineer SEPCO Larkana Circle has once again demanded that separate electricity meters should be installed as per government policy at all the bungalows and quarters of hospital without further loss of time.

The urgency rose due to non-payment of the May 2013 bill against reference No 07382260019300 which has accumulated to Rs 40,502,829. The bill is in the name of the Medical Superintendent (Doctors Colony of Teaching Block) where more than 20 bungalows of doctors and over 55 residential quarters of lower staff are located.

Insiders told PPI that each residing doctor had more than two air-conditioners in their government bungalows and same is the position of lower staff quarters. The hospital administration had tried its level best to get the meters installed at each of the government residence but due to bottlenecks and influence of the doctors it has met with defeat with the result the electricity bill continued to rise.

The same is the position of other colonies of the Hospital but their connections are from the Hospital meters which too are said to be out order since very long and billing is made regularly and monthly on average basis without proper reaching.

The SDO Chandka SEPCO Sub-Division, Khalil Chandio, came to administration block on Tuesday and threatened to disconnect the supply of the Admin Block as, according to him, the bill is outstanding against the Admin Block which seemed illogical and the fact is that the bill is for Doctors Colony of Teaching Block as admin block cannot consume electricity of such a large amount. MS Dr. Safiullah Abbasi has sent copies of this letter to Federal Secretary for Water & Power, Sindh Health Secretary, WAPDA Chairman Lahore, SEPCO Chief Sukkur and other high officials requesting them to intervene and force the local SEPCO authorities to install bulk meters in the Hospital and separate meters at each of the bungalow and quarter without further loss of time as, according to him, government cannot pay these utility bills of the employees as per prevailing policy.

The MS further said that when SSGC had installed separate gas meters at each of the premises and the employees were paying regularly their monthly bills then why not SEPCO. Sources at the Hospital told PPI that serious audit objections were raised in the public accounts committee meetings previously about making payment of electricity consumed by the allotees of government bungalows and quarters from the annual government budget allocations. Chandka Medical College authorities have fixed a fee for air-conditioners in bungalows and quarters which is being realized from the gazetted and non-gazetted employees and deposited in a bank.

The Secretary Ministry of Water and Power has been requested to use his offices to resolve the issues of installing separate meters in the 1352-bed capacity largest teaching hospital of upper Sindh without loss of further time to save tax-payers money.