Service providers collect money, but consumers pay collection charges

December 4, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Many service providers when collect their money not just receive their bills but also leave their consumers paying ‘collection charges’ to banks which is open violation of consumers rights.

Citizens complain that when they pay their utility bills or other service charges in many cases they have also to pay bank collection charges. They said the consumers logically should pay all charges related to the payment process. They go to banks to pay their bills, paying commuting fare or burning oil if they use their own cars; they stand in queues before bank counters spending their time, but they part should be ended here, and they should not be forced even pay bill collection charges to their banks. They say bill collection is the task of the service providers. If they collect bill money for service provided to the consumers themselves, or through their banks they should pay the bank charges and this money should not be extorted from the consumers.

The consumers complain that many service providers from utility service givers like electricity distribution companies to educational institutions force their consumers to pay the bank collection charges. They said the contract between a service provider and his bank to collect bills is the contract between these two parties and consumers are not a party to this contract and hence it is illegal to extort bank charges for bill payment from the consumers.

The citizens have requested the consumer rights organizations and judiciary to take notice of this fleecing of consumers and ask the service providers not to extort bank charges on bill collection or payment of vouchers from the consumers.