Sindh assembly members concern on poor sanitary conditions

September 25, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Poor sanitary conditions and non-lifting of garbage in Karachi compelled some assembly members to raise this issue on the floor of Sindh Assembly here Wednesday.

Khurram Sher Zaman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf PTI tabled a privilege motion that has been calling municipal commissioner of South district Karachi and other officials regarding poor sanitation conditions in his constituency, but they are not responding to him; therefore, his privilege is breached. He said the sanitary condition in his constituency like elsewhere in Karachi is pathetic and people are suffering due to heaps of garbage. The house sent the motion to a special committee and sought its report in next session.

Muhammad Hussain Khan and others of MQM also raised the issue of poor sanitary conditions in Karachi through an adjourned motion. They said this is a issue of public interest and the house should discuss it. He said poor sanitary condition is also prevails in Hyderabad and in this regard in previous sitting he had already raised an adjournment motion.

Imtiaz Shaikh of Pakistan Muslim League Functional said different cities and towns of Sindh province including Shikarpur are witnessing growing heaps of garbage and the authorities concerned are not paying attention to cleanliness.

The government members including Dr Sikandar Mandhro and Nisar Khuhro said this is really a public interest issue and the government is taking efforts to deal with it. They urged the mover not to press on his adjournment motion and the mover complied with.

Govt Bill No 09 of 2013 The Sindh Healthcare Commission Bill 2013 introduced by law minister Sikandar Mandhro in previous sitting was sent to special committee on his request.

The house passed two resolutions one to express condolence on the losses of earthquake and other to the growing number of street children in Karachi and asked the government to take remedial measures. MQM member Sardar Ahmed told the house that when he was Commissioner Karachi a noted philanthropist had constructed a big building in Korangi Karachi so that beggars are picked from the city streets and places there for reforming. He said sadly this building was encroached by the police and still being used by them. He said the police should vacate this building so that it could be used for its basic purpose.

Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani told the members that the traffic police are launching a big drive against unregistered vehicles and vehicles with fancy number plates and tinted glasses. He asked the members to get their AFR applied for registration vehicles registered and remove fancy number plates and tinted glasses from them. He observed that some members install big number plates with ‘MPA’ written on it on their vehicles which hide the real number plate. He said such ‘MPA’ number plates should be removed and repositioned so that the real number plate of vehicles becomes visible.

Later the speaker prorogued the session.