Sindh to Set Up Complaint Cell for Controlling Price Hikes in Ramadan

April 8, 2019 Off By Web Desk

The government of Sindh has announced the establishment of a special complaint cell to tackle the price hike in the month of Ramadan.

Sindh Agriculture Minister Muhammad Ismail Rahu made this announcement on Sunday.

He said that the complaint cell will be established at the offices of deputy commissioners in every district of the province to tackle the undue price hikes during the holy month.

A statement from his office said that every DC office had been asked to keep the prices of household commodities in check on a daily basis, especially during Ramadan.

He said that the government will launch a crackdown against shopkeepers and vendors who artificially jack up the prices of household items, i.e., vegetables, fruits, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, and other essential edibles during Ramadan.

He also warned people associated with the milk business to refrain from profiteering or be ready to face strict action.

Taking a jibe at the federation’s policies, Rahu said that Sindh government will protect its people from the inflation caused by illadvised and antipeople economic policies of PTIled federal government.

He asked the consumers to complain about any undue price hike with the complaint cells which he will be personally monitoring during Ramadan.

Source: Pro Pakistan