Sports: Cricket: Pak batsmen batting standards are low: Zaheer Abbas

March 11, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Many players playing for a long time for Pakistan have set low standard of scoring, which was the reason that Pakistan succumbed to South Africa in the first ODI by 125 runs, feels former Test cricketer Zaheer Abbas.

“There are many players in the team, who have been playing for a long time and have set a low standard of scoring. They feel that after scoring thirty or forty runs they have done enough to get themselves out of any criticism from team management and fans,” Zaheer Abbas told PPI.

“When the players don’t bat well, field well and bowl well then how you can expect them to win against a team like South Africa. Pakistan played below par against South Africa in all the departments so South Africa deserved the big victory,” he said.

Zaheer said that the batsman should play for the country and not for he and he must not get obsessed by what he already has scored while on crease.

“A batsman should not think even after scoring a century that he has done enough. World class players don’t do that. They should continue to try to compile runs even after scoring a century,” said Zaheer, who has been known as Asian Bradman for his run scoring abilities.

He criticized the top batting order for playing for them and not for the country.

None of the players reached forty in the match against South Africa but several players scored around thirty runs during the match.

“Our players score around thirty runs and feel as if they were out of danger as nobody would criticize them. However, such attitude from players could never earn a team victory against top class teams like South Africa,” Zaheer said.

“I think our players are very talented but their attitude is unprofessional. The players should taking responsibility. A team could only conquer a target of around 300 runs when its batsmen play responsibly by not throwing their wicket after scoring few runs,” he said.

However, Zaheer predicted close encounters in the coming matches and said that senior players should start taking responsibility.

Meanwhile, he downplayed reports of rift between captain Misbahul Haq and vice captain Mohammad Hafeez saying that all the players should play for the country and not for any player.

“No player should play for any other player and they must play for the team. Difference of opinion could have been there between the two players but I don’t think it could have prompted players to underperform,” Zaheer explained.

There have been reports that there were some differences between Misbah and Hafeez but PCB denied the reports.