Sports: Cricket: Zaka faces another challenge from Rashid

May 13, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: After being elected as Pakistan Cricket Board PCB chairman in controversial elections, Zaka Ashraf has now been dragged into court by former Pakistan skipper Rashid Latif as Sindh High Court SHC on Monday took up the petition filed by Rashid, who has challenged Zaka’s appointment.

The court has directed Rashid’s counsel to file amended copy of petition on May 29. Rashid had previously also challenged appointment of the chairman and PCB constitution.

Zaka Ashraf, being the chairman of the board, recently had elections still being in office and eventually had himself elected for a four-year term.

However, Rashid Latif approached the court against procedure of appointment of chairman of PCB. He claimed that procedure of appointment of chairman board was unlawful and undemocratic.

Although, Rashid had brought the case in the court, there were many others, including former cricketers and former board’s administrators, who rejected the elections as only a gimmick from Zaka Ashraf, who was handpicked by President Asif Ali Zardari in October in 2011.

Rashid Latif had previously also filed a petition challenging impugned PCB constitution which according to him gave unfettered powers to the president of Pakistan being its patron to appoint the chairman, who otherwise ought to be appointed by way of election amongst representatives of the cricket associations or members of the region in order to ensure complete transparency.

Rashid had shed light on the picking and choosing by the patron, who in PCB’s cased in Pakistan’s president, of members of the governing board without any electoral process is in complete contravention of the Constitution of Pakistan.