Stemology Partnership with Generation Now Online (GNO) Reaches Seven Figure Mark in Pacific Rim Sales

March 29, 2016 Off By Web Desk

LOS ANGELES, March 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Stemology, a company dedicated to providing all-natural, intelligently organic skincare formulations through the emerging science of stem cells, announces Pacific Rim sales have surpassed the seven figure mark. Since March 2015, Stemology products have been sold in this area via an exclusive partnership with Generation Now Online (GNO), employing GNO’s multi-level marketing (MLM) model with a sales force of 10,000 and growing.

“We are thrilled with the results we are experiencing thus far and are confident we will see sales at least double over the next six months as we continue to ramp up our efforts,” said GNO President Curtis Broome. “Our most recent sales event completely sold out, with attendance triple what it was just six months ago.”

“The success we are experiencing through our partnership with GNO comes as no surprise based on a number of factors, most important being the company’s seasoned leadership team,” added Stemology Chief Marketing Officer Lori Jacobus. “The model works, and even more so when the products deliver results that are unsurpassed, making the sell much easier. Clinical studies, before and after comparisons, and the right pricing in a market that truly understands technology is bound to be a win.”

Stemology and GNO attribute the rapid success to word-of-mouth promotion, with a quickly-growing number of new members joining Club GNO to represent the Stemology skincare line and its innovative science-based, all-natural formulations.

To date, Stemology Cell Revive Serum Complete remains the brand’s bestseller in the Pacific Rim market. Serum Complete features a breakthrough formula that addresses all the signs of facial aging – including fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity, firmness and tightness, skin tone, pore refinement, skin thickness, collagen, and free radical damage.

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Stemology is dedicated to providing all-natural, intelligently organic skincare formulations through the emerging science of Stem Cells. Stemology is the first and only brand to bring together both human adult stem cell and plant stem cell technologies, along with a stem cell communicator that greatly enhances intercellular communication to maximize the benefit of stem cell “signaling” growth factors. Stemology products are ethically formulated and do not contain any actual stem cells or DNA. Stemology products are free of phthalates, parabens, GMOs and petrochemicals. Stemology is a cruelty-free company.