Three injured as bandits open firing in Hyderabad

August 21, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Hyderabad, Sindh: Three people were injured when dacoits opened firing while looting cash from a trader who was leaving a bank branch here on Wednesday. As per details, armed bandits intercepted one Muhammad Asif as Street1 of Sarfaraz Colony when he was returning after drawing cash from a bank. When he offered resistance the bandits opened firing, inuring 50yearsold Noorjehan, 17yearsold Zahid and 18yearsold Ahsan.

People of neighbourhood captured one of the bandits, identified as Ghulam Mustafa of Pano Aqil. Other bandits fled along with Rs0.2million booty.

Police shifted the injured including the captured dacoit to Civil Hospital Hyderabad and began further probe.