Traffic jams still haunt Karachiites despite having many flyovers, signal-free roads

December 9, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Despite making of signal free roads and many flyovers, there is no respite from traffic jams in busiest areas of Karachi that shows failure of traffic police department.MA Jinnah Road, almost all routs passing through Saddar, Burns Road, Pakistan Chowk roads, II Chundrigar Road, roads passing along CM House and Governor House remain blocked by traffic in the evening hours except Saturday and Sunday.

Thousands of employees returning homes in the evening hours undergo torments of massive traffic jams. Even vehicles of VIPs trap in these traffic jams, showing utter negligence of traffic control department. The commuters and drivers usually seen making huge and cry over the issue while traffic police personnel are seen unable ad inefficient to streamline traffic flow during the peak hours.

No rangers, police or any high up from CM and Governor Houses feel responsibility to streamline traffic during this time. It seem that they have no responsibility to mitigate the woes of commuters and drivers. There are many factors of traffic jams in Karachi that include roadside encroachments, illegal parking, influx of vehicles, unruly driving, mismanagement and low quantity of pedestrian bridges.

The public transport is very important source for social and economic growth but in Karachi, it has been given neglected for reasons well known to higher authorities of Sindh government and Karachi city administration. In many areas of Karachi, traffic jams of about four hours in evening has become a routine matter which shows that there is no implementation of traffic laws.

Thousands of public and private vehicles stuck up in traffic gridlocks on thoroughfares in the city dealing big blows to commuters but traffic authorities are slumbering. The people have no patience and also seem uncivilized. Patients could not reach hospitals in time. The situation is likely to get worse in main city areas when bike rickshaws are allowed to operate.

The rallies, protests and marches in Saddar and Press Club areas are also one of a major factor causing traffic jams. Many parts of Saddar and its adjoining areas witnesses crippling traffic jams when police blocks various roads to foil certain protests and rallies.

Traffic police officials seem less interested to streamline traffic in main areas of Karachi. The rallies passage through Saddar must be banned. There is need to end illegal parking, encroachments along roadsides and violations of traffic rules which are root causes of traffic jams in the city.

There is also dire need to make urgent steps to remove all hurdles causing traffic jams in Karachi. The administration also needs to modernise traffic system in Karachi so that citizens could take a sigh of relief.