Tribal leaders demand adequate polling stations for tribal people

March 18, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Tribal Leaders from belongings to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz South Waziristan Agency on Monday demanded of Election Commission of Pakistan, to establish adequate number of polling stations in various tribal agencies so the tribesmen would fully use vote in forthcoming general elections.

While addressing a news conference re at Press Club the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Secretary Organizer South Waziristan Agency, Ghazi Khan Mehsud, said that the tribal people had deprived from their right to vote during last five years, due to absence of ballot casting facility in the previous elections.

Mr Mehsud demanded. Said they want to give their legitimate right of casting vote in the upcoming general election, adding that the right was not given over the past five years, to elect people representation according to wishes of the tribesmen.

He, therefore, urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to ensure adequate facility of balloting in different tribal agencies, particularly in South and North Waziristan agencies, in the upcoming general elections. He also demanded the ECP to special arrangements for Internally Displaced Persons from different tribal agencies at their makeshift camps, to cast their votes in the elections.

PMLN tribal leader viewed that the real leadership doesn’t appeared in the tribal region due to insignificant participation of tribesmen in election. The tribal issues can only be resolved by electing true leadership in the Fata, he added.

Flanked by the Tazeem-e-Tahaffuz Force TTF, South Waziristan, former president Raza Khan Mehsud, and local tribesmen, he criticised the PPP-led government had failed to bring change through reforms in the Fata. He termed that the amendments in Frontier Crime Regulation had not made any substantial changes in the social fabric of the tribal society, adding that the political agents were still so powerful under the law.

He maintained the amendments in FCR as salt rubbing on wounds of tribal people. In spite of giving any relief government put tribal people hand tied in front of vultures.

He demanded for further amendments in the law, to shelve the power of political agents.

Mr Mehsud said that if his party voted to power in next elections, would bring reforms in real sense in Federally Administered Tribal Areas. He further said they would also take effective measures for establishment of peace in tribal region. Besides, the arrangements were made to voluntarily repatriation of the IDPs to their tribal agencies.

He claimed the PMLN is the only political force to pull the country out from the present crisis situation, and resolve the tribal issue. He urged the tribal people to reject the corrupt people by power of vote in next general elections, and elect honest and dedicated people.