UN Security Council opens meeting on Iran protests

January 6, 2018 Off By Web Desk

New York (OIC-UNA) – The UN Security Council on Friday opened a meeting on the deadly protests in Iran, at the request of the United States.

The formal meeting was preceded by closed-door consultations requested by Russia, which has accused Washington of interfering in Iran’s national affairs and maintains the protests are not a matter for the council, according to BBC. But in the end, Moscow’s envoy did not try to block the formal session from taking place. US Ambassador Nikki Haley warned Iranian authorities on Friday that the world is watching as Tehran responds to anti-government protests. “The Iranian regime is now on notice: the world will be watching what you do,” Haley told an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in the Islamic republic.

The United States called the meeting despite fierce criticism from Russia, which accused Washington of interfering in Iran’s internal affairs. “The Iranian people are rising up in over 79 locations throughout the country,” Haley told the council. “It is a powerful exhibition of brave people who have become so fed up with their oppressive government that they are willing to risk their lives in protest.”

Haley accused the government of funding a pro-regime military campaign in Syria, backing Shiite militias in Iraq and supporting a crony elite while ordinary Iranians struggle. The Iranian people are telling their government to “stop the support for terrorism, stop giving billions of our money to killers and dictators, stop taking our wealth and spending it on foreign fighters and proxy wars,” said Haley.

French Ambassador Delattre stated that however worrying, recent Iran events do not constitute per se a threat to international peace and security. He added that changes in Iran will come from the people and not from abroad.

Source: International Islamic News Agency