Unique clock installed SU gate

May 27, 2013 Off By Web Desk

HYDERABAD: With gigantic efforts of the Vice Chancellor of Sindh University SU Jamshoro Dr. Nazir A. Mughal, a unique and distinctive clock has been installed at the tower situated at Babul Islam Gate of the university. Running in accordance with Global Position System GPS, the clock has been imported from China which is made by a highly regarded Chinese company Red Wood. The clock possesses a huge capacity to show local time of Jamshoro accurately with respect to the world.

According to the details, the imported clock has been installed at the tower situated at Babul Islam Gate which is said to be the main entrance leading to Marvi Hostel, SU press, Vice Chancellor’s House, Fatima Jinnah Girls gymnasium and university’s administration building ACII.

With the installation of this unique clock, the beauty of the tower which has taken place of varsity’s identification is raised to a great extent. This clock shows accurate time of District Jamshoro and suburbs with respect to entire world.

The clock which is only one of its kind in the country; is capable of showing accurate local time in case of load shedding or power failure of even unremitting 50 hours approximately. The clock strikes and rings the alarm before light music after every hour from 6.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M automatically while its alarm can be heard up to one and half kilometre.

Besides, another characteristic of the tower clock is that it turns the dialling lights on mechanically at 7.00 P.M everyday and routinely turns off at 6.00 A.M so that everyone may see the time without any hindrances.

It may be noted that the clock tower is nowhere in Pakistan; thus the University of Sindh Jamshoro has got the honour of installing such a matchless clock tower in a bid to titivate the exquisiteness and attractiveness of the alma matter to a remarkable extent.