US experts address seminar on managing mental illnesses

December 10, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Experts from the United States addressed an interactive and educational seminar on ‘Recovery from Mental Illness through Psychiatric Rehabilitation’, at a local hotel.

Organized by The Recovery House – a unique initiative launched in 2009 – the seminar was jointly conducted by Dr. Veronica Carey, PhD, CPRP, of the Behavioral Health Counselling Department, College of Nursing & Health Professions, Drexel University, USA and Dr. Barbara Granger, PhD, CPRP of the Granger Consultation Services, USA.

The seminar was attended by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, families and caregivers and focused on new developments in the realm of psychiatry and its application towards management of mental illnesses. Moreover, it aimed at creating public awareness regarding psychiatric ailments in the country, the need for addition of psychiatric rehabilitation education to psychiatric teaching curricula in Pakistan, the inculcation of psychiatric rehabilitation principles, values and best practices in the Pakistani experience and the implementation of psychiatric rehabilitation services in the country’s mental health system.

According to Dr. Veronica Carey, in order to benefit local psychiatrists, The Recovery House has so far sponsored a five hour training event in which the fundamentals of psychiatric rehabilitation were presented along with the outcomes of the services. An important feature of this event was to illustrate that psychiatric rehabilitation does not circumvent clinical/treatment opportunities and that rehabilitation only complements these services.

Dr Granger added that it is critical for all involved in psychiatric rehabilitation and other mental health services to understand the importance of “recovery.” She said those individuals living with a mental illness must realize that they are not merely a “mentally ill person” and that they have the capacity to learn to live with the symptoms, care for themselves and thus pursue a life within their families and in the community at large.

The Recovery House was established in Pakistan in 2009. It offers coordinated and structured treatment services to patients living with severe mental illnesses and specializes in recovery-oriented processes through incorporation of psychiatric rehabilitation principles, concepts and practices.