USAID official, KWSB MD discuss energy efficiency matters

August 28, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Deputy Mission Director USAid Energy Efficiency and Capacity Program Leon Waskin along with Arif Parvaiz of USAID visited Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB Misbahuddin Farid to discuss energy efficiency matters. Deputy Managing Director Planning, Project Director SIII, Chief Engineer and other officers were also present during the meeting.

On this occasion MD KWSB thanking Deputy Mission Director Leon Waskin on behalf of KWSB and citizens of Karachi stated that USAID is working with the mission to bring American and Pakistani citizens together and create a better Roshan Pakistan through combine efforts. He said that USAID has taken interest in other KW&SB projects as well and more than 30 million citizens of Karachi would benefit from these projects.

He praised that American people have always given importance to the development projects for the citizens of Karachi and under USAID Energy Efficiency and Capacity program upgraded 100 motors including Clifton Pumping Station with a cost of 100 million rupees. This project did not only help increase the supply to the citizens of Karachi but also increased the capacity and energy efficiency of these pumping stations.

On this occasion MD KWSB briefed the delegation that Dhabeji Pumping Station was established in 1959 and has been upgraded in steps. Most of the pumps are too old and have outlived their economic life. These pumps are facing lack of maintenance due to low budgetary provisions and unavailability of spare parts. He said that an immediate Energy Efficiency Audit of Dhabeji Pumping Complex is vital.

Deputy Mission Director Leon Waskin agreeing to carry out Energy Efficiency Audit praised the KW&SB working system and efforts of KWSB officers. He said that through USAID American People wants to provide the citizens of Pakistan with exceptional facilities. He also wished to visit Dhabeji Pumping Station and expressed that work would commence on increasing the capacity of Dhabeji and other Pumping Stations.

He said that through USAID Program we are working with institutions such as KWSB to increase the quality of facilities in Pakistan and we are paying special attention to development work so that these institutions can serve the country in a better way. US AID would continue its collaborations and cooperation with KW&SB to ensure better provision of facilities to the citizens of Karachi.

A US AID team visited MD KWSB few months back to discuss Energy Crises followed by a visit to Dhabeji Pumping station to find out the capacity, life, working expenses and other information regarding pumping stations. These meetings lead to up gradation of 100 pumping stations with a cost of 100 million rupees.

Deputy Mission Director Leon Waskin and Arif Parvaiz were visiting MD KWSB to follow up on the previous project and discuss new possibilities. During the meeting a documentary was displayed to brief the delegation about current working system.

At the end MD KWSB thanked USAID delegation and presented them with shields. He hoped that USAID and KWSB would continue combine efforts to ensure provision of better facilities to the citizens of Karachi.