Walk held to mark World Kidney Day

March 14, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: A walk and other health awareness programmes were held at Clifton Kidney and Dialysis Centre (CKDC) here on Thursday to commemorate the World Kidney Day. The day started with a walk for a cause in which a large number of people belonging to different sectors of life participated. The participants, led by Prof Iffat Yazdani and Prof Manohar Lal, marched around the block to create awareness about kidney diseases and high occurrence of this ailment in the population of Karachi.

The premises was decorated with festive balloons and lights. CKDC offers free Haemodialysis and medical treatment under the umbrella of Welfare Society of Patient Care.

A free camp was set up where free blood tests and ultrasound of the kidneys were performed in the older people even free echocardiography was offered.

Free consultation on diet and medical therapy was offered by a panel of eminent doctors. A public awareness session was conducted by Prof Iffat Yazdani, Prof Manohar Lal, Dr Absar Ali and Dr Ishrat Saleem. Iffat Yazdani emphasized the reversible causes of renal injury like dehydration, blood loss, diarrhoea and vomiting and excessive sweating. The kidney needs fluid replacement and if not given adequate amount of fluids the kidney will go into acute renal shutdown. Manohar Lal emphasized that the Diabetics should take good care of their kidneys as they are more prone to infections and hypertension escalation and moreover they may develop dehydration at the least provocation.

Dr Absar Ali said that Hypertension occurs in 35% of Pakistani population who are 45 years of age and over and about 65% are unaware that they have hypertension. Only 3% are adequately controlled by drugs. Dr Ishrat Saleem talked about how the kidney damage, when urine flow is obstructed by any pathology like stone, tumours, structures etc.

Acute kidney injury is a very important entity of chronic kidney disease as 9.4% of cases of acute renal failure can lead to chronic Kidney disease. CKDC is dialyzing patients free of cost under the umbrella of Welfare Society for Patient Care. To further enhance service for poor patients of Karachi, CKDC has collaborated with Fatima Kidney Care Hospital in Surjani Town along Manghopir Road.

CKDC will make effort and expertise on running this unit for the under privileged people of Surjani Town. Patients had set up stalls of clothes, flowers, mehndi and paintings to make the occasion even more memorable.