Water flown in Warsak Lift Canal dry canal

September 18, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information, Public Relations and Public Health Engineering Shah Farman has expressed satisfaction over the flow of water in the Warsak Lift Canal known as Awch dry Canal at Badhabher, Peshawar and stated that the due to constant negligence of the past rulers the canal was not given proper heed and that was why in hindered in the socio economic and agriculture development of the area.

This he said during a briefing after visiting the canal on Wednesday. The minister said if the canal was used for agricultural purposes in the past and was utilized for watering the area then an agricultural revolution would occur in the region and the living condition of the poor people would have been improved to a great extent. He said what they were saying was practically being adopted and that was the slogan for the change they were making.

The minister said they would give the people their due rights and would solve their problems. He said they would turn them out of the frustration and would make them empowered. He said they would utilize the public resources for the larger interest of the people.

He said it was very encouraging that they made the Awch Dry canal full of water and made it possible to utilize its water for agriculture purposes. The minister was told that the canal was 56 kilometre long and 46120 acres of land could be irrigated from its water.

He disclosed that by this canal the poor farmers of more than 159 villages would get their socioeconomic condition improved. He said the present government made it possible to take the water of the canal to 45 kilometres which was a revolutionary step and which would make the water available for about 13675 acres of land. He said by this step the rabi crops would get considerable increase.

Shah Farman appreciated the efforts of the senior minister Sikandar Sherpao as well as the officers of the Irrigation department in implementing the measures.