Waving off tax hike greeted

November 18, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Local goods carriers’ transporters have welcomed the government’s decision to reduce the recently increased income tax on goods transport vehicles. After thorough discussion, UGTA’s demands have been accepted by the Government which resulted in the end of 11-days prolonged strike being observed by the goods transporters in Sind.

Naseem Ahmed, a local goods transporter and a leader of goods transporters, said that the government’s decision to accept all our demands will have a positive impact on our national economy, and if given an exclusive industry status by the government, it will be the 3rd

Largest industry of the country followed by the agriculture and textile sectors.

“This is the crucial geo-strategic location of Pakistan in this region that may help this sector become the top employment resource for the hundreds and thousands of the unemployed people living in this country. If run scientifically, the goods transports’ sector will not only multiply our total exports to many folds, but will also help in minimizing the mounting expenditures over the import of various items and goods from the rest of the world”, he added in a release.