WWF officials visit Karachi Zoo

April 17, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: A delegation of World Wildlife Fund WWF Pakistan officials visited Karachi Zoo here on Wednesday to attend an Earth Day Plantation Program.

Speaking on the occasion, Senior Director Karachi Zoo Mansoor Qazi has said that plantation campaign help reduce environmental pollution and resolve environmental problems.

The purpose of plantation campaign in Karachi Zoo was to deliver this massage to citizens that the plant planted today would be a thick tree tomorrow which would benefit upcoming generations and such programs should be held in every street, area, school, college and both sides of the roads so that city could be green and attractive.

Program Assistant Manager of Green School Program of WWF Maliha Habib and other officials were present who gave a gift of 500 Neem plants whereas plantation of Neem plants was started in Zoo.

The WWF officials said the Earth Day was observed on 22nd April aiming at creating awareness among people in whole world that they could make their land green and attractive along with reducing environmental pollution by planting plants.

They said that WWF will continue its cooperation with KMC in order to promote plantation and reduce environmental pollution.