Young people are valuable asset for sustainable development, says OIC chief on Youth Day

August 13, 2018 Off By Web Desk

On the occasion of the International Youth Day, observed on August 12, and the OIC Youth Day observed on September 3, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen offered his heartfelt greetings and good wishes to the young people across the world.

“There are more than half a billion young people in the Islamic world and this is our most valuable asset for the process of positive change and sustainable development. However, they are growing for the most part in an unpredictable and challenging environment,” Al-Othaimeen said in his message on this occasion.

“It is our collective responsibility, member states, international organizations and civil society to maximize this tremendous power with a view to assuring the sustained development of our societies. I have immense hope in their ability to shape the future of our nations.

“It is our duty to work with youth in promoting good governance, fighting corruption and facing unemployment and the frustration of youth which could lead to violent extremism,” he said.

“In order to face and overcome all these challenges, it is necessary to intensify our efforts to empower young people and strengthen their role in the development of our societies and in the decision-making process,” the OIC chief continued.

“I would also like to seize this opportunity to express the full support of the OIC for the young people suffering from occupation and are forcibly displaced by the crises and conflicts in the Islamic world, and in particular, the young people in Palestine facing the aggressions of the Israeli occupying forces,” Al-Othaimeen said.

“Meanwhile, I would like to call on all the member states to mark the celebration of the OIC Youth Day on 3 September 2018, as mandated by the Council of Foreign Ministers.

“I would also like to reiterate my call on all the member states of the OIC to do their utmost in implementing the OIC Youth Strategy that was adopted by the 4th Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Ministers in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan on 17-19 April 2018,” he said.

“The General Secretariat along with the OIC institutions stand ready to collaborate with the member states towards the fulfillment of this endeavor and in the achievement of the aspirations of youth in the Islamic World,” Al-Othaimeen added.

Source: International Islamic News Agency