Youth urged to work for Pakistan

May 20, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Young generation has to work hard to restore the past glory of Pakistan at global level, said speakers of a ‘Hamdard Naunehal Assembly’ here previous evening.
Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest and General Manager, Strategic Business Unit, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Suhail Yaqoob said there was a time when Pakistani passport enjoyed great respect and green passport holder could easily get “Visa on arrival” at any airport of the world, but now the situation had reversed, because of our faults for which we all were responsible. The countries, like China and South Korea that won independence after Pakistan, had gone far ahead than us, because we didn’t perform our national responsibilities with dutifulness and hard work.

‘Pakistan, as proclaimed by the world economists, is among those eleven countries that can become economic superpowers because of their soils, natural resources, crops and manpower’, he contended. Commending the speeches, made by the child speakers at the function, he said that their thoughts were indeed beautiful and great, but if they would make those ideas a part of their lives, it would not only make their lives a success story but also take the country to the heights of glory.

Mrs. Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan in her speech said that every nation was desirous to become developed and prosperous, but only those nations could fulfil their desire that worked hard with dedication and dutifulness, which was a characteristic of mindful nations and also a ladder to go up for an individual and a people.

‘Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow and the builders of future, the country’s progress and prosperity mostly depend on their talents, habit of hardworking and sense of duty, so it is incumbent upon them to make hardworking and dutifulness their very habit’, she said, adding: ‘they should always keep in their minds, as a guide, the saying of Shaheed Hakim Said, which reads: “Those nations that do not take pain of hardworking are always left behind in the race of progress”.

Child speakers, Angbin Mushtaque, Abdul Rehman, Rooba Butt, Shaifa Sabir, Yasra Qadoos, Uzair Begg and Turab Aijaz Parekh also spoke. Besides teachers and parents children in large numbers attended the function.