Zardari’s message on International Drug Day

June 25, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: International Drug Day on 26 June every year is a reminder to all of us including the world leaders, international community, global alliances and associations of our shared responsibility to fight the menace of illicit trading and trafficking in drugs through joint collaborative efforts.

In a message on International Drug Day, Zardari said the huge volume of illicit drugs trade and the financial empire created by it continues to haunt the future of our generations. As a major source of funding of militants and extremists it has also threatened regional and international peace. Because of its cross border ramifications for peace and security the threat posed by of illicit drugs call for urgent and meaningful Trans boundaries cooperation to neutralize this threat.

Zardari said: “The government of Pakistan accords highest priority to combating narcotics. Pakistan is among the top three countries of the world in global narcotic seizures. We are among the leading countries to effectively interdict illicit drug trafficking through stepped up border surveillance. The international community has also acknowledged and appreciated Pakistan’s commitment to combat drug trafficking.”

President said Pakistan has adopted the Anti Narcotics Policy 2010 and The Drug Control Master Plan 20102014 in accordance with international best practices. “The government is actively involved with UN and other international counternarcotics partners for a drug free Pakistan and a drug free world. As a result of our sustained efforts we have become a nearly poppy free country. Yet we feel that a lot more needs to be done to completely eliminate this threat and will be done.”

He said On this international drug day, let us reiterate once again the resolve and commitment to collectively fight against illicit drugs. “I also call upon the NGOs, civil society, religious leaders and the media to complement Government’s efforts in fighting illicit drugs for the sake of our people and for the sake of regional and global peace.”