About Us

The “Pakistan News Express” is the renowned online news website in Pakistan when it comes to publishing the news from all the sectors of Pakistan and it does not only publish or focus on the domestic news of Pakistan, in fact, it also covers both regional and international news related to Pakistan. The “Pakistan News Express” has news of all kinds and that we have come up with in keeping in mind the interest of our different kinds of readers and various age groups. The website is the proud name in the news industry when it comes to crusade for opting for only legal methods to get ratings by media outlets and in this regard, we created an example for being the first media outlet to strictly follow the basic teachings of journalism, which later inspired many other media outlets to follow, as it is the legal way of getting ratings rather than spicing up the news content for getting ratings.

Behind making our renowned name in the news industry, the efforts of different teams behind “Pakistan News Express” cannot be overlooked, as all of them contribute constantly to keep our credibility away from being questioned, because that is what can damage the image of “Pakistan News Express” if it is ignored. The more we keep evaluating the reliability of our news sources the more it helps us to grab only authentic news and this strategy also keeps the news sources focused to maintain the high standards that the “Pakistan News Express” requires them to maintain while providing the news of all kinds.

Since the launch of “Pakistan News Express”, the website has been supporting the local corporate sector of Pakistan to exist among the world’s top corporate sectors, and that is what is the strategy of the team behind Pakistan News Express, which thinks that being a responsible and reliable media outlet, Pakistan News Express must provide the platforms for the businesses of all kinds to approach the international markets and that eventually will support the country’s economy. There are many businesses, which we helped in becoming the famous international brands and all that we got possible through offering them our result-oriented press releasing service, which benefits businesses in various ways.

If you have any sort of suggestion regarding our news website, so you must share it with us on various social media platforms and no other media outlet has as same presence over all the social media platforms as we have and that is all because of our highly passionate and professional social media team. Our readers also acquire services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News to keep finding the ever-changing events of Pakistan.