DRAP Registers New Lifesaving Medicines from Local Companies Amid Shortage

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has green-lit the registration of new lifesaving medicines from various pharmaceutical companies to address shortages.

The lifesaving medicines include anesthesia injections, anti-cancer medicine, influenza vaccines, Anafortan injections, Semaglutide injections, stated Caretaker Health Minister Dr. Nadeem Jan.

Earlier, Dr. Nadeem had ordered the authority to take steps for the registration of these medicines to address the shortage. Acting upon his orders, DRAP has now given approval to the registrations of these medicines.

The minister hoped that approval from the authority would end the ongoing shortage.

Last month, DRAP had digitized the registration of 90,000 drugs and the licenses of 650 pharmaceutical companies in an effort to tackle the proliferation of unregistered and unlicensed drugs.

The new system has enabled pharmaceutical companies to apply for drug registration and licensing online. It is expected to significantly expedite the approval process.

Source: Pro Pakistani