Azam Khan’s Fitness Shocks Fakhar Zaman

Pakistani top-order batter Fakhar Zaman lauded wicket-keeper batter Azam Khan’s fitness regimen during the Kakul fitness camp as he opened up about the recent routine.

Azam is usually in the news due to his fitness levels but Fakhar was in awe of his courage as he saw the 25-year-old’s drills during the camp.

‘What impressed me the most is what Azam Khan has done. We were not expecting him to undergo such tough training, and naturally, his physique is such that we didn’t anticipate him to take up such challenges,’ as Fakhar talked to a local newspaper.

‘Despite that, the way he has pushed himself, even climbing mountains when we were hiking, I mean, we couldn’t believe he would make it to the top. If we all show such courage, it could be very beneficial.’

Fakhar said that the national team players had to adjust to the camp taking place during Ramadan, as he stated that training and fasting proved vital for the team.

The leftie said: ‘It was quite tough when I was here back in 2018, but this time, it was
n’t so tough, due to the holy month of Ramadan.

‘The training they conduct here is tough, but since it was Ramadan, they took great care and lightened the workload a bit.’

Fakhar stressed upon the importance of team unity: ‘When your fitness is good, you also get good results, and our aim here was to build team bonding, which worked well. The training sessions, both on and off, have been excellent, and of course, there will be benefits from that.’

Source: Pro Pakistani