E-Safety Authority Bill: Govt Decides to Register Websites, YouTube Channels

The federal government has decided to register websites, web channels, and YouTube channels.

An E-Safety authority will be created to monitor online activities. The Federal Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday approved the E-Safety Authority Bill.

Sources told ProPakistani that the federal government has decided to tighten the monitoring of online content. The Ministry of IT has prepared the E-Safety Bill and sent it to the Federal Cabinet.

The Federal Cabinet has given in-principle approval to the e-Safety Bill. Under the bill, a new authority will be created by limiting the powers of PTA, FIA, and PEMRA.

The registration and monitoring of all websites, web channels, and news YouTube channels will be done by the e-protection authority. The same authority will also have the authority to register and monitor the websites of news channels and newspapers. The authority will be able to block and fine websites for running false news.

According to the sources, it has been said in the bill that Section 37 of the PICA Act for online monitoring does not meet the objectives. Web monitoring authority will be withdrawn from PTA. The Bill also termed the powers given to the FIA under the PICA Act as insufficient.

It has been said in the bill that the social media rules made under the PECA Act have also not proved to be effective. PTA does not have access to block content on social media. According to the bill, under PECA Act, no separate authority has been formed to deal with cyber crimes. The task was given to the FIA, which is already overburdened with other matters.

Registration of online news websites will also be done by the same authority by restricting the powers of PEMRA. The same authority will also decide to give advertisements to registered websites, web channels, and YouTube channels that meet the government policy.

Source: Pro Pakistani