IBA Fires Senior Professor Over Harassment Allegations

A senior professor of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi has been fired over allegations of harassment.

According to details, Dr M. Mohsin Butt was dismissed from his job for allegedly harassing his colleagues. He has been accused of damaging the reputation of fellow faculty members by using offensive, threatening, and abusive language towards them and the IBA management.

Reportedly, the senior professor had been warned on various occasions in the past and was told to adhere to the IBA’s Code of Conduct. The Director HR, Irfan Qamar, stated that such a strict action against a senior faculty member will be helpful in upholding the university’s values and policies.

However, Dr Butt, a professor of Marketing at the School of Business Studies, has rejected the allegations against him. According to him, he was fired without allowing him to present his stance in front of the inquiry committee.

The professor received his termination letter at the University’s gate from the security officials. He added that the university’s administration had issued him a show-cause notice in an old case. Butt revealed that he had also approached the chief minister but he wasn’t heard.

He claimed that he used to raise his voice against harassment, abuses, and injustices towards people. Despite writing a letter to the CM to take action in this regard, he was expelled.

Source: Pro Pakistani