Info Minister calls for strengthening cooperation among SCO countries

Caretaker Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi says Shanghai Cooperation Organization has emerged as an extremely useful and promising platform for all member states of the region to promote inclusive and sustainable cooperation model in the socio-economic communication, media and cultural spheres.

Addressing the 2023 Shanghai Cooperation Organization TV Festival in Nanjing, China, he said the cooperation among the SCO members in the fields of radio, television and other audio-visual cadres is the genuine expression of the Shanghai spirit.

He said as an SCO member, Pakistan remains committed to making active contributions for strengthening media cooperation including dissemination of SCO related information and also for promoting a pragmatic communication order that serves the interests of the people of this region.

He said media cooperation both mainstream and social media is extremely important in order to establish people to people contacts.

He said the SCO members need to enhance cooperation in the areas of media policy, countering fake news, propaganda, xenophobia, racist ideologies and cyber wars.

Murtaza Solangi said we must cooperate in content innovation and industry development in order to compete with the media of the old colonial masters of our region.

He said media has a critical role in promoting peace, conflict resolution, promoting tourism, culture, dialogue and harmony as well as safeguarding peace, security and stability among the SCO member states.

He said media can also make a vital contribution towards building a fair and reasonable international political and economic order through responsible and public service media.

He said that he would very much like to put a few suggestions that the media organizations of member states should play a positive role for conflict resolution, regional peace and mutual development.

Murtaza Solangi said Pakistan has recently unveiled its media policy that promotes an enabling environment for our local producers to partner with international media companies for the production of films and television series.

He invited the media organizations of the SCO member states to partner with Pakistan in co-production and joint ventures.

Expressing his sentiments, he said the all-weather Pakistan-China special friendship is deep rooted and time tested. He said over a wonderful journey of seven decades, it has assumed a uniqueness of its own kind. He said achieving a high level mutual trust and respect, love, care goodwill and solidarity, we proudly call each other iron brother.

He said cultural linkages between our two great people are centuries old, flourishing along the ancient silk road. He said in recent times, these linkages have expanded across Karakorum highway and under the framework of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The Federal Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting said this year also marks the 10th anniversary of the CPEC, which has developed steadily over the last ten years with great results.

He said besides economic dividends, CPEC has also brought increased cultural cooperation and friendly exchanges.

He said our two great countries have also declared 2023 as the year of tourism exchange between China and Pakistan with an aim to further promote people to people exchanges and create a vibrant tourism and cultural eco system for the mutual benefit of our people.

He expressed the hope that our concerted, sustainable and passionate efforts from this platform of SCO would help Pakistan, China and all other SCO countries for achieving a community of shared destiny for our people and prosperity.

Source: Radio Pakistan