Mohammad Asif Impressed By Naseem Shah’s Comeback

Yesteryear’s premier swing bowler, Mohammad Asif, expressed his opinion regarding Naseem Shah in a recent interview with an independent source.

‘Naseem Shah exceeded my expectation in making a comeback and performing,’ as Asif saw Naseem’s performance in Pakistan Super League 9 where he won his franchise, Islamabad United, the PSL title.

Asif is highly impressed with Naseem’s recovery post his shoulder injury. The right-arm swing bowler didn’t expect the pacer to aid his team to the title in PSL 9.

Red-ball dynamite voiced his opinion related to the future of Naseem: ‘My suggestion to Naseem is that his swing shouldn’t end at the wicket-keeper, rather it should occur within the wicket.

‘You need to kill the opposition which can occur if you swing within the wicket,’ as Asif suggested that Naseem should practice swinging the bowl within the 22 yards of the wicket instead of when it has passed the batter and needs to be collected by the wicket-keeper.

The right-arm pacer expressed about the conditions in
the United States of America: ‘There are some pitches in USA where you can go with two fast bowlers and three spinners,’ as he has been playing in the States for multiple seasons after getting rejected from the Pakistan team primarily due to his spot-fixing scandal.

Asif informed that some pitches in the States suit three spinners which indicates that Pakistan might decide to go with an extra spinner for the 2024 ICC T20 World Cup squad.

Source: Pro Pakistani