National Foods Garners Multiple Accolades at Dragons of Asia Awards

National Foods has recently been acknowledged at the Dragons of Asia Awards, an event that evaluates marketing campaign effectiveness across the continent. The company received a total of four awards, highlighting its marketing initiatives within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

During the Dragons of Pakistan segment, National Foods’ AJ RUNG HAI campaign was awarded a Gold Dragon for “Best Brand Building/Awareness Campaign” and a Black Dragon for “Best Digital Campaign.” This campaign has managed to create significant online and offline presence, reflecting the company’s approach to integrated marketing strategies.

In addition, the Winter Food Festival organized by National Foods was recognized with a Silver Dragon under the “Best Events or Experiential Marketing Campaign” category. This event showcased the company’s ability to engage with consumers through experiential marketing techniques.

Furthermore, National Foods was also honored at the broader regional level with an award in the Dragons of Asia category. This recognition serves to underscore the company’s marketing efforts and strategic presence in the Asian FMCG sector.

The awards received by National Foods at the Dragons of Asia serve as an acknowledgment of the company’s marketing campaigns and their effectiveness in reaching and engaging with the target audience. While these awards point to a certain level of success in National Foods’ marketing endeavors, they also reflect the competitive nature and dynamic landscape of the FMCG industry in Asia.

Source: Pro Pakistani