Pakistan’s Football Coach Wants to Leave ASAP After Witnessing Poor Facilities

Pakistan’s football coach Stephen Constantine has spoken up about the feeble facilities being provided to men’s football team in Pakistan as he expressed his frustration about the situation.

Stephen Constantine, the coach of the Pakistan men’s football team, recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the squad’s training facilities, ground conditions, player lodgings, and food quality. He has been reported saying, “I’ve never seen facilities like this, not even back in the ’90s.”

Stephen Constantine even urged the Normalization Committee (NC) to book his return ticket yesterday, expressing his discontent with the situation. Furthermore, he has demanded that the team hotel and training grounds be replaced as quickly as possible. The National Committee is actively looking into alternative training facilities for the men’s football team.

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These remarks come at an hour when Pakistan’s national team is finally making a gradual comeback on the international stage.

In the next months, the squad will face a number of other nations. The Normalization Committee has stated that it intends to do everything necessary to offer the squad the best available facilities. The committee has also vowed to act quickly in response to any concerns made by the coach or players. However, the practical response from the Pakistan Football Federation is yet awaited by the team.

Source: Pro Pakistani