PML-N striving to improve working conditions, compensation of working classes: Bilal

Coordinator to PM on Economy and Energy Bilal Azhar Kayani says Labour Day is an opportunity to collectively take a moment to celebrate the achievements and contributions of labourers and the working classes.

In a tweet on Monday, he said it is also a day to acknowledge the labour movement and to emphasize the importance of labour rights, especially in difficult economic conditions globally today.

Bilal Azhar Kayani said PMLN, under the guidance of Nawaz Sharif, has always strived to protect labour rights and improve the working conditions and compensation of the working classes, and will continue to do so in the future.

He said there is a lot that remains to be done on this front. He said we can only progress as a nation if we can ensure that the working classes are rewarded fairly for their hard work and treated respectfully.

Source: Radio Pakistan