Rashid Latif and Junaid Khan Point Out Major Flaws in Aamer Jamal’s Bowling Action

In the second test match between Pakistan and Australia, former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif and fast bowler Junaid Khan highlighted issues with pace bowler Aamer Jamal’s bowling technique. Rashid Latif posted images of Aamer Jamal bowling in a match on his social media account on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter). In his post, he pointed out some flaws, and Junaid Khan responded to his post. Rashid Latif highlighted several flaws in Jamal’s bowling technique and compared them to Hasan Ali’s. He pointed out that Jamal tends to exhibit lateral flexion to his Left hip joint during release. Additionally, Jamal’s release point tends to drift towards the left hip, and he takes a long stride, approximately 75-80% of his height, which contributes to inconsistent length in his deliveries. Despite this, Jamal generates good pace. However, Rashid Latif emphasized the importance of protecting Jamal’s ankle and knee joints due to the strain caused by his long stride. In contrast, Hasan Ali maintains consistency in his length but tends to release the ball away from the stumps. Rashid Latif advised Hasan Ali to focus on releasing the ball closer to the stumps for improved accuracy and effectiveness. In response to Rashid’s opinion, Junaid Khan pointing out two key observations about Aamer Jama’s bowling technique: Aamer Jamal’s front foot tends to move towards the fine leg side, and when he exerts a significant amount of force, his head drops to the left. He predominantly relies on his shoulder and doesn’t utilize his front arm in his bowling action. While this generates pace, it can also impact his line and length. Aamer Jamal recently made his debut for Pakistan in the first Test against Australia, where he performed impressively by taking 6 wickets in the first innings. He has been a standout player in this series. On the other hand, Hasan Ali is an experienced bowler compared to Aamer Jamal, and they have different styles. Junaid Khan, a fast bowler who has played in 107 international matches for Pakistan and taken 189 wickets, has been absent from cricket since 2019.

Source: Pro Pakistani