Strength Redefined: Total PARCO’s ‘Bangles of Strength’ Campaign Celebrates Women, and Challenges Stereotypes

In honor of this year’s International Women’s Day, Total PARCO went a step ahead with an All-Women Service Station Takeover at Jasmine Service Station in Gulberg Lahore where the entire service station was run by women from different locations and diverse background. It was truly a celebration of inclusivity, diversity and women empowerment with a sight unseen in Pakistan ever before.

Total PARCO made history in 2021 by being the first OMC in Pakistan to empower women at their service stations. This move set a new standard for inclusivity and challenged traditional stereotypes. Since then, the number of women working at TPPL Service Stations as well as in service stations across Pakistan has grown significantly, with hundreds now employed all the way from Interior Sindh to Gilgit Baltistan.

Initially, the idea of women working at service stations was unheard of. However, Total Parco not only embraced this challenge but also magnified its importance through their Bangles of Strength Campaign, in celebration
of this year’s International Women’s Day. The campaign aimed to shed light on a significant insight regarding the phrase,’Chooriyan Pehanna’.

Source: ProPakistani