Pakistan urges ‘new strategy’ as old approach linking int’l aid to pressure Taliban not working

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Munir Akram has called for a new strategy of persuading the Interim Afghan Government to heed the international community’s concerns over political and human rights in the country to continue the global support for its suffering people.


In an interview with BBC, he said strategy that has been followed so far of leveraging international assistance in order to pressurize the Taliban to do what the international community wants, has not been successful.


The Ambassador warned if the international support or humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan is cut off, Pakistan will have to face a dire situation.


He expressed his belief to continue engagement, humanitarian assistance and support for economic revival in Afghanistan because that is the way out for the Afghan people to emerge from poverty and the dire situation they face.


About the issue of Afghan women, he said Pakistan has been trying to persuade the Taliban to allow access to females as certainly their role in the international assistance programme is important.


Source: Radio Pakistan

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